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My name is Jeremy Glied-Beliak. I am a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Toronto, Ontario. I am now living here in London. I studied at Western University, which is where I came up with Buzz Bagelz. The mission of Buzz Bagelz is to form a community around delicious gourmet bagels. We aspire to become the biggest bagel shop in Ontario by providing warm, fresh bagels and sandwiches as a healthier option that can be enjoyed in a setting with a good ambience and welcoming atmosphere. London is constantly growing, and we want to be a part of that growth. Buzz Bagelz will not just be a bagel shop. We plan to be a business that welcomes newcomers and gives them a sense of home. I grew up in a loving family with three siblings, and my parents always preached family first to us. 


When I was a young kid living in Toronto, I vividly remember my mom picking me up from school and heading to our local bagel shop to pick up a dozen fresh bagels. We would bring them home only for them to all be gone within an hour of me putting them on the counter. Whenever we had family meals or celebrated holidays together, we had bagels. That bagel shop formed a sense of home for us. I want Buzz Bagelz to bring that same feeling to our customers in London.

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